Think Global, Act Local!

Amara Hub is a non-profit organization providing access to skills and resources for underserved communities and local leaders to learn, connect and grow.

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Our technical assistance, toolkits and dialogues put affected communities at the centre of problem definition and solution design.

Technical Assistance

Providing on-demand and rapid expertise for transformation.

Amara Hub strengthens local actors and equips leaders in low resource communities, rural towns, and emerging cities with the critical skillsets and capacity necessary for practice, process and policy change.

Implementation Toolkits

Knowledge-to-Impact resources to counter societal challenges.

We research and co-create tools that allow communities to better identify their risks, assets, and vulnerabilities; evaluate existing and needed levels of protection; and assess the cost of their action or inaction.

PubAffairs Dialogues

Engaging with different perspectives on the issues that matter.

By convening stakeholders in meaningful information exchange, Amara Hub is able to surface and analyze findings, economic influences, social insights and policy-based solutions that address specific challenges.

Project Consulting

Leverage our seasoned organizational strategists and in-house experts to deliver tailored programs and projects that drive measurable results.

Change & Growth

Incubating and testing bold ideas, culture alignment, cultivating leaders and seeding new ways of thinking and solving problems.

Facilitating Discourse

Designing and conducting highly effective generative discussions of various sizes that connect, inspire and deliver lasting results.

Driven by sector-specific expertise, data-informed insights, and practical knowledge.

Amara Hub co-creates real-world approaches in close collaboration with communities and in meaningful contact with decision-makers and local agencies. We develop culturally appropriate and scalable solutions for productivity, wellbeing and resilience.

Our focus over the last five years has been in addressing challenges like data literacy, gender inequalities, financial inclusion and green transition for community groups who are denied full participation in mainstream cultural, social, and economic activities.

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Creating measurable value and impact for local communities and partners

Amara Hub blends knowledge, experience, and relationships necessary to achieve strategic goals.


B Impact Assessment rating of Amara Hub's practices and outputs across five categories: governance, employees, community, the environment, and partners. This is a globally comparable standard of our social and environmental impact.


Amara Hub measures the impact of its initiatives on society, such as the number of people it has helped improve their lives, the number of communities it has helped to develop. To-date, over 2000 individuals have benefited from our programs.