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About Amara Hub

Despite many societies across Africa being male-dominated, women are charged with nearly all the domestic and agricultural family activities. Women grow food, collect water, build and maintain houses, educate children, and generate income for the home, yet somewhat remain among the most disadvantaged and marginalised in the community.

Our mission at Amara Hub is to create dignified livelihood opportunities for youth, especially young women and girls. We are working alongside educators, community leaders, non-governmental organizations, and local government authorities, to lead and contribute to the development and delivery of solutions to our most pressing skills and socio-economic challenges.

By inspiring increased commitment and investment in skills development and access to opportunity, we are empowering young people to adapt to the current volatile and uncertain economy through new education, resilience and innovation.

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Life-Long Learning

We hold ongoing sessions to enhance active citizenship, personal development, and employability of our programme participants and alumni.

Skills Training

Our creative arts vocational trainings and hands-on STEM sessions contribute to the productivity and cultural vitality of the community.

Digital Literacy

The digital literacy sessions improve appreciation of digital tools for self-expression, mass mobilisation, and economic empowerment.

Financial Literacy

We guide young people on how to handle their finances from a position of knowledge, confidence, and clarity.

Peer Support

We facilitate structured one-to-one and group peer mentoring as an important function beyond learning sessions.

Seed Capital

We provide micro-grants that catalyse youth in our program to become successful entrepreneurs.


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How do we select our program participants?

Our reskilling programs primarily target young people who are characteristically disadvantaged and trying to move up from domestic labour. We carry out competency-based evaluations on areas that allow candidates to draw on experience throughout their life like planning, juggling work priorities, tact and diplomacy.

What do we hope to achieve in the next five years?

Amara Hub seeks to level the playing field for economically inactive and underrepresented young people through positive action. Between 2021 and 2025, we aim to create 10,000 direct training and apprenticeship opportunities for contractors, freelancers and agency workers. Additionally, we also seek to contribute to the evidence of the multiplier effect of investing in female entrepreneurs to deliver gender balance within the digital economy.

How do we measure our social impact?

Amara Hub's evaluation of impact begins with rich conversations with beneficiaries and community members about what it means to be empowered in their local context. Our theory of change maps changes in thier resources, agency and achievements which correspond to short-term, intermediate and final outcomes. These signals provide us with a deeper understanding of the pathways through which our programs can positively impact people's lives.

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